Welcome to Christian Thought.

Christian Thought is a work that I started over 20 years ago as a way, for myself, to learn to think Biblically. Over the 26 years of being in the Faith of Jesus Christ I have spent countless hours studying God’s Word, and in some cases writing down what I learned. That is where this blog comes into play, I thought, “Why not publish those thoughts so others can benefit from them too?”

These thoughts can range from a simple explanation of the gospel, or to a full essay on a subject. Sometimes the answer is clear and easy to come by, and other questions are complex and very difficult to come to a satisfying conclusion. But let’s not let that discourage us. We must work on the difficult subjects, and talking helps, even when we disagree. My mind tends to focus more on explaining what the Gospel means, and that is good, but that one sided thinking can be a hinderance when in comes to issues that impact our lives and family. I want to correct this imbalance. This blog will help me do that.

I thank all of you who take time out of your life to read my thoughts, Christian Thoughts, and I encourage you to challenge me if you have good reason to believe my thoughts are not according the Scriptures alone. Sola Scriptura!

1 Corinthians 1:9

Jerry Adams

May 4, 2021

Published by abiasaphilus

A Christian who takes faith in Jesus Christ seriously. It's a lifestyle!! I am a member of Gold Church, we are Baptist and use the Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 as our confession of faith.

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