Praying for a friend.

Today I have a friend who is having heart valve bi-pass surgery.  Naturally, we Christians pray for others in need, and this is a desperate need.  One thing that gives me hope is that my friend is in the faith and has demonstrated that faith for as long as I have know her. You see, she is a friend of my parents and I have known her since I was a child.  Her faith has been an example and influence to me.  I didn’t realize this until mom asked me to pray for her, as she is having bi-pass surgery. So I got to thinking about her and how long I have known her and how she has impacted my life.  I was surprised to discover that she has had more influence on me that I was aware of, until I set down a thought about it. Faithful Christians have a profound influence of young people.  Faithfulness counts always. Unfaithfulness does too. 

So, how do I pray for her as she goes under the surgeons blade?  I ask God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to strengthen her faith, peace, and joy by the Spirit that dwells in her.  I ask that God would give her more time on earth for the sake of her husband, for he needs her. I ask that God would give the doctor wisdom and understanding of the medicine he or she practices and guild their hands in the surgery.  I ask that God would sustain her through the surgery and strengthen her in recovery.

By: Jerry A. Adams September 29, 2021

Published by abiasaphilus

A Christian who takes faith in Jesus Christ seriously. It's a lifestyle!! I am a member of Gold Church, we are Baptist and use the Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 as our confession of faith.

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